Post Book Project: Scotland ’44

The next big project form Post will be a book, titled ‘Scotland ’44: Ideas for a new nation’. The idea is to engage with the referendum without getting bogged down in yes vs no arguments, which you’ll be hearing plenty of over the next few months. While much of the debate seems to surround what might happen to Scotland in the first few years after a Yes vote, we also wanted to think about how Scotland might change over a longer 30 year timescale, because we think this will be when the effects of independence will really start to matter. Hence ‘Scotland ’44’.

To fund the book we are running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Just a £5 donation gets a copy of the book with your name printed inside as a supporter of the project. You can find more about how to support the project here:

The line-up of contributors is pretty strong, including Patrick Harvie MSP, academics Kirsteen Shields and Oliver Escobar and equality campaigner Jacq Kelly. More info here:

My own contribution will be looking at what a truly democratic media might look like in Scotland. I’m not sure what that might be just yet, but basically looking for a media that isn’t funded by advertising or subscriptions, allows for a diversity of viewpoints, is democratically accountable and responsive to the society it serves and and is resourced enough to be able to make a serious contribution to public understanding. Not an easy problem to solve.

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