New Spinwatch report on the Henry Jackson Society

Spinwatch and the Cordoba Foundation have released an important new report on the Henry Jackson Society, the neoconservative think tank best known for its support for foreign military intervention, the state of Israel and, increasingly, various Islamophobic policies.

The think tank has become increasingly influential in recent years, with an increasing high profile. Members of HJS are increasingly likely to be seen on television providing commentary on international affairs, and the society has close ties to a number of MP’s, mostly in the Conservative Party but also Labour and the Lib Dems. In Scotland the HJS made news recently owing to former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy’s affiliation.

The report provides an important attempt to hold this organistion to account. Amongst the most interesting findings are those relating to its funding. While HJS funding is not transparent the report is able to identify a number of pro-Israel and pro-Conservaive Party figures amongst its supporters. Also interesting is the scale of its funding, over £1,300,000 in 2013.

Full report here.

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